Sometimes real life is stranger than fiction. Case in point: If you were driving down I-95 in Florida early Wednesday morning, you might have seen the collision that occurred when a Frito-Lay truck carrying a shipment of Doritos was hit by a beer truck carrying a whole lot of Busch. The cargo from both trucks scattered all over the highway, creating a culinary collage previously seen only in college dorms.

According to NBC News, no one was hurt in the incident. The crash happened after the Frito-Lay truck had pulled over due to car troubles. The beer truck tried to swerve out of the way, but instead sent the chip truck flying, while simultaneously shedding its own frothy cargo.

The resulting debris shut down multiple lanes of the highway for hours. A Florida Highway Patrol spokeswoman put it best: “That’s like a Super Bowl Commercial right there.”

Officials on the scene had to bring in front-end loaders to pick up all the beer and snacks, which couldn’t be salvaged because, you know, they had been strewn across the highway and all.

The driver of the beer truck was ticketed for ‘not maintaining a single lane’ and the driver of the chip truck was let off without charges. Let’s just hope they don’t get fired—both of these dudes deserve promotions to the marketing division of their respective companies.

[via NBC News]