A one-year-old’s first birthday party at a Chuck E. Cheese in Pittsburgh got a little too turnt last night and resulted in the arrest of two adults. According to KDKA, police were called to the formerly popular children’s birthday party spot after customers reported a 50-person brawl inside the chain. Some witnesses say that only 10 people were actually involved in the fight, but still, that’s still 10 adults too many throwing punches at a one-year-old’s birthday.

Witnesses say that the brawl “stemmed from an argument between two women.” One woman was arrested for instigating the fight while another man was arrested for public intoxication. There’s no doubt that the children were probably more scarred by the fight than the animatronic animal band that performs too many times per hour. Thankfully, no one was seriously hurt.

As of late, Chuck E. Cheese’s has been working to expand the number of locations that serve beer and wine, as well as its offerings, to lure in more adults. Perhaps the chain should reconsider the move if it results in over-intoxication in what may be one the most inappropriate settings for being wasted. This isn’t even the first fight that has broken out between adults at a Chuck E. Cheese this year. Last month, between 12 to 15 adults were caught on camera trading blows at a location in Connecticut, and a four-year-old ended up with bruises.

[via KDKA]