Yeezy season is upon us once again and this time it’s bigger than ever. Not only is Kanye revealing the designs to his coveted fashion line, but his highly anticipated album is finally being revealed. Everyone that wants in on the Yeezus action—whether attending the Madison Square Garden show or live streaming from home—has to be prepared because when something this big is set to air, you don’t want to miss a second of it. That’s why fans stocked up on snacks and drinks to make sure they were ready for the historic coming of Yeezus. 

Whether you’re stranded at home with a laptop or sitting in stadium seating, your food choices can get pretty limited. But people made due with what they had, even if it meant desperately tweeting to find a partner to split nachos with at MSG. Here are 10 of the biggest food struggles from the Yeezy Season 3 showcase:

The nachos proved to be the unsung hero of Yeezy Season 3, even if they were pretty subpar.

Some doubted the existence of nachos at the show, forgetting the location virtually always sells nachos.

But fans still managed to find them…

…and searched for friends to go halfsies with.

Others opted to go for a hot dog.

…and those didn’t even look that great.

It also never hurts to pregame before the show.

Fans at home went hard with the snacks…

…because you can never have too many.

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You know things are bad when corporations get in on the Yeezy action.