Its Oscar season, and for us regular people, that means getting drunk, heckling our TV screens, and telling our friends how much Leo really, really deserves that statue. But if you happen to be a famous person, this time of year just means more black ties, open bars and free food than you can wrap your Gucci-clad arms around.

And luckily for Clooney, Pitt, and the rest, there’s the Governors Ball after-party, where more than 1,500 of the rich and famous will file into the ballroom at the Dolby Theater, to show off their trophies, talk about who got snubbed and eat some amazing food prepared by Wolfgang Puck and his 350 person event team.

And on this special night, Wolfgang makes sure that everyone has exactly what they need, no matter what it is. Vogue reports that Puck once sent a staff member out for McDonald’s when a guest’s kid wasn’t happy with his four-star meal, in another instance Puck had to remove certain colored M&M’s from the giant candy bowls.

This year though, there will be a raw bar the size of a Sea World, baked potatoes with caviar, Waygu beef short rib, and enough chocolate Oscar statues that everyone will feel like a winner by the end of the night.

And with over a thousand A-listers in the house, you know that Wolfgang is going to come prepared. The order sheet for the party? Wolfgang’s bringing 10 kilos of caviar, 7,500 shrimp, 300 pounds of short rib and 325 pounds of rice – there better be some doggie bags.

[via Vogue]