Burger King’s slogan is “Have it Your Way.” If you want extra bacon… boom, there it is. If you don’t like tomatoes, you won’t see any. And if you want 700 slices of pickles on your Whopper, well, it’ll cost you about $80—but they’ll do it. Well, at least they will in Japan.

The folks over at Rocket News in Japan have a weird tradition when they get bored at work, and it’s all at the expense of their local Burger King employees. So far, they’ve ordered burgers with 1,000 slices of extra bacon, one with 100 slices of onion, and another with a dairy overloaded 1,000 pieces of cheese. So when boredom struck this time, the decision was made, and some poor BK employee had to figure out how to stack 700 pickles between two buns.


Not wanting to deplete the entire pickle stash at their local BK, Rocket News called ahead to order the pickle Whopper (how thoughtful). The King had plenty of pickles though, and made the ridiculous burger without fuss. The journalists took it back to the office, unwrapped the taped-together burger sleeves, and tried to figure out how to share. According to one Rocket News staff member: “basically, one guy ended up just eating a regular Whopper and everyone else walked away with hundreds of pickles.”

What will they order next? Only time will tell, but may we suggest attempting to order a burger with 100 buns, a burger with a whole head of lettuce, or $100 worth of extra sauce on the burger. Please?

[via Rocket News 24]