Whole Foods is in the process of opening up a series of new grocery stores aimed at price-conscious millennials that have been avoiding things like $6 asparagus water. The grocery chain’s master plan to attract the oh-so-allusive broke twenty-something: Add tattoo parlors and record shops of course (white dudes with dreadlocks rejoice!).


According to Bloomberg, the new chain, called ‘365 by Whole Foods,’ will help Whole Foods compete with Trader Joe’s and other natural food stores that don’t overcharge for, well, everything.

To stay as appealing as TJ’s and the rest—while also carving out a unique niche—Friends of 365 will rent out space inside of the new supermarkets to independent businesses that the grocery chain feels will attract the customer base it’s after. The store’s official website suggests that record shops and tattoo parlors are in discussion, while photos of bikes suggests that getting new tires put on while you pick up some Swiss chard might be a possibility.


To be fair, there’s not much millennials like more than a combined retail experience, but a tattoo parlor seems just a tad over the top, and slightly unsanitary.

The first 365 store will open this May in Los Angeles, with the following stores planned for roll out in Oregon and Washington sometime before the end of the year.

[via Bloomberg]