Ever wondered what might would happen if you put a piece of lithium into your 7 Up? No, neither have we, but thankfully, we have the folks over at The Periodic Table of Videos, who were curious enough to try the experiment—and, boy, are we glad they did.

The reason for the tests? 7 Up originally entered the market as “Bib-Label Lithiated Lemon-Lime Soda” and contained a low dosage of lithium salts, an ingredient added to spice up the lemon-lime soda. Lithium, the element most commonly used in modern batteries, has since been removed from 7 Up, after the government banned its use in 1948. But what happens if you add lithium to the current, tamer version of the soda?


Well, it turns out a lot happens, but nothing you’d want to drink. After 90 seconds the glass of 7 Up turns bright green, like a sickly Mountain Dew. After two minutes though, the mutant soda starts to turn a reddish-brown, begins heating up and bubbling rapidly, until it ends up as dark as root beer.

The video is mesmerizing and scientist is a G, but we’ll stick to using lithium to charge our cell phones, and carbon dioxide to make our soft drinks more interesting.

[via Periodic Table of Videos]