Gordon Ramsay stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live! last night to talk about yet another season of Hell’s Kitchen that the Michelin-starred chef will be hosting. But, in true late-night fashion, Kimmel couldn’t let the decorated chef go without first introducing him to an American classic, the Girl Scout Cookie.

Ramsay had never tasted these mythical cookies sold by small children and their hovering parents, but he decided to give it a go when Kimmel presented three varieties: the Samoa, the Tagalong, and Thin Mints.

Ramsay took one bite of each cookie but spit out all three, and yet still said that the cookies were too small. That was all after he had already called them “like dog biscuits visually”.

Well, Gordon, that’s more for us then, because we, like the rest of America, love those dog biscuit-looking, delicious-tasting, too-small Girl Scout Cookies.


[via Jimmy Kimmel]