Action Bronson has been killing it as a host on his web show Fuck, That’s Delicious. He’s such a brilliant food-show host that Vice decided to bless the Queens-bred rapper with a time slot on their new television network, Viceland. For the first episode of his new FTD TV show, Bronson brings us along as he eats his way through the country on his Mr. Wonderful tour.

Action, rapper Mayhem Lauren, producer Alchemist, and Action’s cousin and crowd favorite Big Body Bes travel from tour spot to tour spot in a Sprinter van. They start in Washington D.C., where they’re invited to Rose’s Luxury, a new restaurant that’s been garnering praise from both locals and magazines like Bon Appétit. The squad eats lychee and pork sausage salad, and Bronson takes the opportunity to expand Alchemist’s palate when fried oysters with dill oil are brought to the table. They finish off with a brisket that Action says is as good as Franklin Barbecue in Austin, TX (bold statement).

After getting kicked out of a hotel for smoking too much, the squad hits the road to Atlanta. They stop for barbecue at a hole-in-the-wall spot on the side of the road and hit a Jamaican restaurant where Bronson was able to make a notoriously grumpy counter woman crack a smile.

For their final stop, Bronson goes to eat alone, leaving the rest of the crew to get stoned and ride jet skis. Action visits The Dutch on Miami’s South Beach, where he eats some ridiculously good-looking seafood, and takes us behind the line to make a papaya and bay scallop dish that has us salivating.

Fuck, That’s Delicious will debut a new episode every week on Viceland.

[via Viceland]