When you’ve been with someone for five years, you sure as hell better hope they have a good sense of humor and are willing to keep things spicy. And that’s just what Cassie and Daniel did this Valentine’s Day when the couple got all dolled up and booked it to Taco Bell.

Although it was originally Cassie’s idea to have a fancy dinner at the fast-food joint, Daniel set the table with a white table cloth, candles, flowers, and Champagne flutes for the Baja Blast. On the couples’ Imgur post, Daniel writes, “Since even the ordinary things are special when she’s around – we made this Taco bell into something special for Valentine’s day!”


Cassie and Daniel printed menus that described each dish. The “Tostada al Trapo” is listed as “Spiced minced beef, diced tomato, crisp lettuce, a lightly fried tortilla de maíz drizzled with crema and a cheddar cheese rémoulade all wrapped in a fresh tortilla de harina.” Seems accurate.


The plating—complete with squiggles and dots made from Fire Sauce—was elegant and tasteful.


“Even though I planned this whole thing WITH her, I was really nervous to see if we’d be able to pull this off,” admits Daniel. If Cassie’s smile in this picture is any indication, I’d say the power couple absolutely succeeded.
grl[via The Daily Mail, Imgur]