Comedians M.K. Paulsen and Ella Gale recently welcomed a newborn burrito into their home, and luckily for us, they decided to share the stunning photos of their new family with the world.

burrito 2

The couple described the delivery as rough, so its happy to see such a beautiful family together, loving each other with such compassion and warmth.


The photos were taken by Erin Holsonback, who captured just how much this couple loves their burrito. Gale and Paulsen haven’t announced a name for the newly-wrapped yet, so there’s been no hints on what’s inside that cute little tin-foil blanket. Carnitas? Carne Asada? Pollo? We can’t wait to find out.

burrito more

For real though, the evidence is there: Millennials are having fewer kids and that’s going to mean more baby photos with burritos, sushirritos, and maybe a wrap or two. So get used to it, folks —love like this only comes around so often, you’ve got to hold on when you find it.

[via Burrito Makes Three]