Before Guy Fieri was dropping fire mixtapes, and before he got us hooked on Donkey Sauce, hell, before he was selling mufflers on TV, he was just Guy Ferry, an unsuspecting frat star with a killer mullet and a stoned smirk…basically, he’s always been destined for greatness.

The photo comes courtesy of the folks over at Total Frat Move, who, after inducting Fieri into their frat hall of fame, put out a bounty on Guy’s composite frat photo. The bounty was unnecessary, and someone forked over the photo for free a day later.

If you’re wondering why it says Guy Ferry instead of Fieri, its because Guy didn’t change his name until 1995, when he got married and felt the need to honor the Italian heritage of his great-grandfather. The photo is legit.

The photo comes from Guy’s time attending UNLV, where he was a member of ATO, the same frat Fieri’s brother and son both attended. This specific photo comes from the 1987-’88 ATO composite.

We expect that every new member of UNLV’s ATO chapter is required to memorize the recipe for Donkey Sauce and recite the original menu at Johnny Garlic’s, or be forced to grow the Guy mullet.

[via Total Frat Move]