A number of Texans are straight up infuriated that Austin is laying claim to one of the state’s most prized foodstuffs—the breakfast taco. Eater Austin recently published a piece titled “How Austin Became the Home of the Crucial Breakfast Taco,” in which the author notes that the breakfast taco was invented outside of Austin. However, the post goes on to quote Tex-Mex expert Robb Walsh who says that Austin is where the phrase “breakfast taco” was birthed, something that is crucial to its popularity. (A point debated by Gustavo Arellano, an editor at OC Weekly and the author of a book on tacos.)

While Austin does in fact have a number of revered breakfast taco spots, it quickly sparked the ire of many egg-stuffed-tortilla fanatics from across the state who demanded swift justice in the comments section (and eventually Twitter). As Grub Street notes, a number of “disgruntled Texans” vented their opinions, calling the article “racist” and claiming that the research was “massively flawed.”

Many commentators then declared that San Antonio was the real home of the breakfast taco. One resident even went so far as to launching a Change.org petition asking—nay, demanding—the city of Austin throw the author “out of an unmarked van well outside the boundaries of the state” for his crimes against tacos. So far, over 1,500 people have signed it.

Texans will probably never be able to agree about the origins of the breakfast taco, or what is the best barbecue joint in the state, for that matter. So perhaps they should put their differences aside and unite to fight for a cause they agree on: Getting deep fryers back into school cafeterias in the name of freedom. State lawmakers are fighting to overturn the longtime ban on deep-fat fryers in cafeterias so that people can make their own decisions. As the state’s agriculture commissioner Sid Miller put it, “It’s not about french fries, it’s about freedom.”

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