We’ve heard our fair share of alleged hangover cures, ranging from spicy ceviche to good ole boning. But here’s a preventative cure specifically for the beer sh*ts, courtesy of rapper T-Pain.


Now, you have to ask yourself: What’s worse, beer sh*ts or constipation? If you answered “constipation,” take a cue from Pain and eat a slice of Gouda or Swiss after every drink. 

Tammy Lakatos Shames, co-author of The Secret To Skinny, and one half of The Nutrition Twins, says it’s always a good idea to eat before drinking. He tells Men’s Fitness, “Fatty foods in particular stick to the stomach lining longer, slowing down the absorption of alcohol into the bloodstream.”

That being said, if you don’t have cheese, at the very least make sure you have some quality toilet paper for the next day.


Words of wisdom from a seasoned drinker, cheese eater, and toilet-paper connoisseur.

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