Deadpool is not your average comic-book movie. With its R-rating and in-your-face violence, the Marvel flick shakes up the cliches of the genre in favor of some raunchy adult fun—and it’s already breaking box-office records internationally as a result.

T.J. Miller is not your average comic-book movie sidekick, either. And as we found out this week, he’s not your average Hot Ones guest. In what is potentially our most insane episode since Machine Gun Kelly ran laps around the table of death, Miller put his self-proclaimed hot-sauce obsession to the test and took on our procession of progressively spicier wings.

As he discusses overly sensitive comedy audiences and his thoughts on Nietzsche nihilism, the comedian experiences the full gamut of emotions, declaring the show “the best interview ever” and “a terrible interview” within the space of 10 minutes.

Watch the video above to see what T.J. Miller burn his face off and offer host Sean Evans some much-needed advice about how to make the dumbest show on the Internet better.

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