Oregon-based dairy company Tillamook is taking cold-brew coffee to new temperatures and will soon start selling a frozen, ice cream version. According to the Oregonian, the company is partnering up with fellow Oregon-based company, Stumptown, to transform its popular cold-brew coffee into spoonable pints.

Tillamook’s website notes that the Stumptown Cold Brew Coffee ice cream will be “silky-smooth” and made from just six ingredients: Cream, skim milk, sugar, coffee, locust bean gum, and guar gum. The cold brew itself is made from steeping the coffee for 12 hours (without heat) until it’s smooth and then blending it with milk. There is no word yet on when the flavor will hit stores. While the flavor is based on Stumptown’s original cold brew flavor, perhaps the ice cream gawds will bless us all and grocery store shelves will eventually see containers of chocolate cold brew ice cream too.

Tillamook isn’t the first company to get creative with Stumptown’s cold brew. In 2014, a start-up in Los Angeles called Fliquor Bean started making a potent cold brew by steeping the coffee in whiskey instead of water. The company would take Stumptown’s Hair Bender coffee and steep it with Bowen’s California Whiskey to make its coffee concentrate, which it would then serve directly over ice or with some simple syrup and cream added to the mix, making it the best way to get wasted first thing in the morning.

[via The Oregonian]