No matter how many plates of scattered, smothered, or covered hash browns you could knock back, having to remain in a Waffle House for 30 hours straight would probably induce cabin fever for even the most die-hard of breakfast fans. According to ABC 13, that is what one football-loving college student had to endure over the weekend. Mike Fuller, a student at NC State, had to spend over a full day in a Raleigh location of the restaurant because he lost a bet with his fantasy football league.

Fuller explains to the news station: “I’m here because my fantasy football league has a rule that if you come in last place then you have to spend 30 straight hours inside a Waffle House… Unfortunately I lost and came in last place.” So Fuller hung out amongst stacks of waffles, which doesn’t sound like the worst way to spend a weekend. He wasn’t allowed to shower, but he was allowed to bring pillows with him to sleep in a corner booth.

At the time of his interview, about 10 hours into the bet, Fuller had managed to consume a modest number of waffles, and a hefty amount of coffee.  “I’ve had two waffles, two chocolate chip waffles, and three cups of coffee.” He also had textbooks and a few very good friends to help keep him occupied. There’s no word on whether or not Fuller participated in the chain’s swanky Valentine’s Day dinner, which just so happened to be candlelit.

[via ABC 13]