The Super Bowl is more than just a time for two teams to battle it out on the football field; it’s also when brands try to muster up viral tweets. Some companies have a knack for funny, of-the-moment tweets (shout out to Oreo’s genius tweet last year), but for the most part, it’s just an exercise in dad jokes and cheesy puns. More often than not, they feel like they are written by a 50-year-old trying to prove how much #swag he has while attempting to #dab. The results are lamer than Coldplay at this year’s halftime show—not every brand can be Beyoncé, no matter how many times they drop a “formation” tweet.

Hop aboard the struggle bus and view the worst brand tweets of the Super Bowl below:

1) Snickers


Very rarely does brand-on-brand Twitter shade work out to be as epic as Wendy’s vs. Burger King.

2) Doritos

Of all the things that brands could make fun of at the Super Bowl. Coldplay was the easier target. Yet, somehow Doritos managed to botch that with a lame track by “Boldplay” (a reference to their ad campaign about being #Bold) that’s just chewing noises for a few minutes straight. 

3) Jimmy John’s

100 percent dad approved.

4) Olive Garden


Some suited up executive probably gets paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to come up with lame puns like this. Though perhaps Olive Garden should consider putting some of that money towards a photographer who doesn’t make soup look like bowls of goop.

5) M&M’s


M&M’s is just one of several brands to drop a “Formation” tweet. But just a few M&M’s in a straight line is maybe the lamest formation of them all.

6) Denny’s

Lame “Formation” tweets, example 131923234. Queen Bey is probably shaking her head so damn hard right now.

7) Skittles


Skittles might want to hire someone with more hashtag #skillz.

8) PBR

For the most part, PBR actually slayed the Super Bowl tweeting game, minus this major misstep.


Who goes to IHOP for waffles?