When you’re running around frantically trying to find free wifi and a cup of coffee to get you through the day, where do you go? Starbucks? Most likely, because if you’re in a real pickle you know there is probably one close by. But just how close are you to a Starbucks when you’re in Manhattan?

According to data collected and analyzed by CUNY Baruch student Aleksey Bilogur, on average, you’re only 5.6 blocks (or 1335 feet) from the nearest Starbucks if you find yourself somewhere in Manhattan. In a blog post, Bilogur explains,

If you were randomly dropped anywhere in Manhattan, anywhere at all, the nearest Starbucks would be, on average, a mere 1335 feet away.

Let’s put this figure in context. Most blocks in Manhattan consist of a short street and a long avenue. The ballpark figure for the average length of a Manhattan avenue is 750 feet, so the nearest Starbucks is a little over two avenues away; or, using the old ballpark figure of 20 city streets to a mile (which is 264 feet per block), five streets.

Furthermore, analysis done by another Redditor a little while ago (titled “Half of Manhattan is Within 4 Blocks of a Starbucks”) bore out the fact the 20% of Manhattan is within 0.1 miles (520 feet) of a Starbucks, while a whopping 50% of it is within 0.2 miles (1040 feet) of it. So not quite two blocks—at least, not always—but it’s still hella close.”

Check it: one-fifth of Manhattan is just two blocks from a Starbucks location.


Meanwhile, Manhattan Dunkin Donuts locations, on average, are located 5.3 blocks from each other, and Subway locations are located 4.8 block from one another.


Chart via Aleksey Bilogur

Never, ever complain that there aren’t enough corporate chains on the island of Manhattan.

[via Gothamist]