Employees at San Diego’s Marine Room restaurant arrived for work on Thursday morning and got a little more seafood than they bargained for. Overnight, a malnourished sea lion pup found its way into the restaurant, settled into a corner booth next to an ocean-facing window, and waited for a meal.


Turns out it was a pretty good move on the sea lion’s part; CBS News reports that restaurant workers called animal rescue, who arrived shortly thereafter and took the pup into custody. The rescue workers eventually nursed the animal back to health.

It’s not exactly clear how the cutest restaurant guest ever got into the building, but we’re pretty sure this is the least harmful case of breaking and entering ever recorded.


The Sea World Animal Rescue team that helped save the hungry restaurant guest says that it’s been a tough year for young sea lions due to El Nino rains hitting San Diego. The group has already rescued 47 sea lions and other marine mammals this year.


Was the restaurant staff upset about the little guide breaking and entering? Of course not. Although, Bernard Guillas, executive chef at the Marine Room, joked on Facebook, “He was a little early for his high tide breakfast reservation.”

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