By the time the Super Bowl kicks off this evening, most football fans across the country will already have a few beers and a dozen chicken wings in their system. But before those suds get to your fridge, or your face, they have to first arrive at the liquor store, gas station, or bar. In Super Bowl 50’s host city of San Francisco, that’s easier said than done.

Filled to the brim with extra beer to satiate the football-loving masses, beer trucks from at least three major brands have bottomed out and gotten stuck at the top of the SF’s notoriously steep hills, according to NBC.

One hill in particular, at the corner of Jones and California, seems to be the main culprit, taking out the Bud Light truck, the Miller Lite truck, and possibly the Coors Light truck for the tragic trifecta.

It seems like by the third truck someone would have thought about a detour, but no. Where’s Waze when the beer guys really need it?

Something tells us that you Bay Area Super Bowl viewers will have plenty of beer to drink though—they might just have to settle for a craft can over their favorite domestic low-calorie lager.

[via NBC]