For some inexplicable reason, people can’t stop writing mean things on receipts. The latest victim of receipt shaming is Sherwood, Arkansas resident Rebecca Rummerfield. According to KARK, Rummerfield and her boyfriend went to dinner at a local Mexican restaurant last week called Casa Mexicana. They are frequent diners at the restaurant and Rummerfield says that the servers know the couple by name. However, during her latest meal, she received a receipt for her tab that had the phrase “X Gordo,”  or slang for extra fat in Spanish, in the spot where the customer name is meant to go.

Rummerfield tells the news station that she was really hurt by the name calling. “I have a thyroid disease and I used to be extremely skinny. But my weight is out of my control right now. I take medication for it.” She then confronted the restaurant’s manager who dismissed the receipt as a joke (“He said it was someone else’s tab”). Rummerfield says she then confronted the bartender who allegedly told her “he did write that, and he did mean it in a derogatory way.”

Eventually the restaurant manager owned up to the mistake and apologize to Rummerfield for the comment on the weight. He fired the bartender responsible as well after Rummerfield agreed to drop the issue if he did so.

Unfortunately this isn’t the first time—and it likely will not be the last time—someone wrote something insulting on a receipt. A Pizza Hut in Singapore also made fun of a customer’s weight on her receipt. A woman ordered two pizzas for take out, and when she went to grab her food, she noticed that her receipt called her a “pink fat lady.”

[via KARK]