Fighter/wing lover/general badass Ronda Rousey stopped by The Tonight Show last night where she recounted a story about a recent visit to Hooters to host Jimmy Fallon. She was at the chain with her date after attending the Marine Corps Ball with a corporal who had asked her to attend via a YouTube video. There, Rousey managed to get into an argument with her server—who failed to recognize her—over Rousey herself.

“So this one Hooter’s chick comes up to me and she was like, ‘Oh we have fights here all the time. We love watching Ronda Rousey’s fights.’” Rousey then responded, “Oh I hate her, she’s the worst, she’s such a bitch, I can’t stand her,” in reference to herself. The waitress quickly jumped to Rousey’s defense offering up a lengthy argument about why Rousey is the best. The fighter eventually revealed her identity to her server, who then hooked her up with free wings—Rousey’s all-time favorite food. No better way to end your night then with an ego boost and free food.

In addition to wings, Rousey really, really likes Frappuccinos. The athlete revealed last year that when she was a teenager she used to bet random dudes money that she could beat them up, so that she would have funds to buy the sugared-up coffee drinks. Unsurprisingly, she always won. Frappuccinos can be very motivating.

[via YouTube]