You might want to think twice before ordering that lobster roll. A new report from Inside Edition reveals that a number of restaurants are clawing money out of their customers’ hands by serving them cheaper seafood imitations instead of real (and expensive) lobster meat. The report found that more than a third of the restaurant they tested across the country served less expensive seafood disguised as lobster.

For the test, Inside Edition visited 28 different restaurants from chains like Red Lobster (which recently got a significant boost from Beyoncé) to mom-and-pop restaurants. The team ordered a lobster dish from each eatery and sent the meat to a lab for DNA testing and the results were, well, more fishy than lobster.

After testing lobster bisque from three different Red Lobster locations, the report found that one sample featured just langostino—a “less expensive seafood more closely related to a hermit crab than lobster”—while the other two samples had a mix of lobster and langostino. A spokesperson for the chain copped to the move claiming that the presence of langostino was due to the “seasonality and availability” of lobster, and often the bisque can contain Maine lobster, or langostino, or both.

It was revealed that other restaurants were using a mix of lobster rand whiting, a more affordable fish, or just whiting in many of it dishes. The Huffington Post notes however, that a restaurant in New York City’s Little Italy was found to serve lobster ravioli that were filled with nothing but cheese.

This is unfortunately not the first time restaurants have been caught selling cheap seafood in place of lobsters. Last year, nine sushi restaurant in California came under fire for selling lobster rolls that failed to include any actual lobster. Instead, the restaurants were using cheap fish like crawfish and pollock to fool diners.

[via Inside Edition]