Kanye West has been tweeting up a storm lately— about everything from his new album, to Wiz Khalifa, to the price of textbooks. One of Yeezy’s more surprising tweets was about how he is $53 million dollars in debt, which spawned his public request to Mark Zuckerberg for a billion dollars to fund his “ideas.” The millennial opportunist manning the Pizza Hut UK Twitter account took the rapper’s self-proclaimed financial woes as an open invitation to troll, and get some free advertising in the process.

The chain offered to help the rapper out with his money problems by jokingly offering him a job: “Please give us a call about your job application.” It then added some painful punnery: “Stop telling everyone you need dough and try kneading some dough.”

The final blow against Kanye was delivered when someone at Pizza Hut UK mocked up a fake resume in the style of the cover of his new album, The Life of Pablo. It’s riddled with typos, and notes skills such as “fashien designn [sic]” and “keeping a straight face.” It even includes a references section that lists God and Kanye himself, and features Taylor Swift’s name crossed out.

We’ve documented the evolution of fast-food social-media accounts into teen-speak tweet generators, and Kanye’s latest stumble into the public eye has sparked a particularly gleeful pig pile from brands, with everyone from Whataburger to Burger King getting jokes off. On the one hand, Ye has certainly opened himself up to criticism with some indefensible levels of jackassery. One the other hand, do we really need multi-billion dollar chains offering the wildly successful artist minimum-wage jobs, mocking his spelling, and making fun of his “baggy pants”? (They must have missed the part where he claimed responsibility for the popularity of tight pants in hip-hop.)

Remember when Jay Z lamented, “Magazines say I’m shallow, I never learned to swim / Still they put me on they cover cause I earn for them”? Replace “magazines” with “brands” and “cover” with “tweets,” and you’ve got the plight of rappers in 2016.

[via Hollywood Life]