The real winners of the Oscars this weekend will not be actors like Christian Bale, Tom Hardy, or Kate Winslet, but people who share the same first name as them. According to Cosmopolitan UK, Pizza Hut is giving away free pies to anyone in the UK that has the same name as any British Oscar nominee. And unlike the Oscar trophies, these pizzas are actually edible. All they have to do is walk into a participating restaurant and pick any pizza (up to $21) this weekend—as long as they have proof of their name.

kate-oscar(Photo: Facebook)

This is great news for anyone with the first names Christain, Tom, and Kate, as well as for those who share a name with Mark Rylance, Charlotte Rampling, and Eddie Redmayne. (Though it’s not clear if Eddy will also pass.) Unfortunately for people, with say, a name like Khushbu (like me), they are shit out of luck. It’s just another benefit of having a common name, like being able to pick up monikered key chains and mugs when on vacation. Charlotte, for example, is the 23rd most popular name for a baby girl in the UK, while Thomas was the fifth most popular name for a baby boy last year.

While free pizza is great, the official Oscar banquet sounds even better. Cooked up every year by celebrity chef Wolfgang Puck, the meal for more than 1,600 of Hollywood’s power players includes pizza doused in black truffles. Other items served in years past include mini cheeseburgers, lobster tempura, smoke salmon with caviar, mini gold-wrapped baked potatoes, and risotto.

[via Cosmopolitan UK]