If you had just won Super Bowl 50, the biggest, most important football came of the season, who would you kiss first? Would it be John Schnatter, the ridiculous Chevy Camaro-driving founder of Papa John’s? If you’re Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning, the answer is apparently a resounding “yes, duh.”

Moments after winning the Super Bowl for the second time in his career, cameras caught Manning cutting through the crowd on the field to give Schnatter a peck on the cheek, writes USA Today. The quarterback admitted in an on-filed interview that he hadn’t even kissed his wife yet. The move isn’t as surprising when you consider Manning’s relationship with the pizza chain. Not only is the football player a spokesperson for the chain, appearing in many commercials with his BFF Schnatter, he is also a franchisee and owns over 20 locations of the chain.

Still, Manning’s wife has a right to be pissed. Manning’s win weirdly transformed into a plug for brands he is invested in. Not only did Papa John’s get some screen time, Manning gave a shoutout to Budweiser, not once, but twice in post-game interviews, explaining that he would be celebrating by kissing his wife and kids (after Papa John, of course), and drinking “a lot of beer tonight… Budweiser.” Manning is apparently an investor in a handful of Budweiser distributors.

A spokesperson for Budweiser quickly tweeted that the beer maker had not paid Manning for the impromptu shoutout, writes Market Watch. However, the company is “surprised and delighted that he did.” As they should be. While other companies spent $5 million to run an ad during the game, analytics group Apex MG Analytics says that just one mention of the beer brand was worth about $1.6 million in brand recognition. All-in-all, the two shoutouts helped the beer of frat bros net $3.2 million in brand recognition, perhaps making Budweiser the real champions of the Super Bowl.


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