Since the dawn of the McGriddle and the McChicken, customers have tried to coerce the McD’s staff into creating the elusive Chicken McGriddle by combining the two menu items into one.

The sandwich has long been a popular rumored hack, constructed by placing a McChicken patty in between two syrup-infused McGriddle pancake buns. But copping the item wasn’t always guaranteed. In the past, you had to make sure your McDonald’s was offering McChickens during breakfast hours and that the staff member was willing to combine the two.

All that is about to change—for Ohio residents, at least—thanks to all-day breakfast. Grub Street reports that McDonald’s franchisee and the alleged inventor of the Chicken McGriddle, Brian Mortellaro, will put the chicken-pancake sandwich on the menu at his Ohio stores through March 27. If all goes well in the test phase, Central Ohio could see Chicken McGriddles as a canon menu item. Unfortunately, it’s uncertain if McDonald’s locations throughout the rest of the country will add the sandwich to their menus.

All eyes on you, Ohio.

[via Grub Street]