Marshawn Lynch may have retired on Super Bowl Sunday, but that doesn’t mean he’ll be forgotten in the hearts of football fans and food lovers alike.


To celebrate his career as a beast on the field and a beast in the candy jar, ESPN posted this throwback video of Marshawn destroying competition in a high school game. After the win, Lynch gives all the praise to his linemen, swearing he will find enough money to reward them with a trip to Sizzler.

Its not the first time Beast Mode has made the news for something food related; his love for Skittles is so well documented the company went ahead and gave him an endorsement deal. And then there was that one time he ate chicken wings that he pulled out of his sock at a kid’s football camp.

So no matter what Lynch does with the next phase of his life—whether it be silent sports commentator or just silent rich guy—we will always remember him for his love of snacks, fried foods, and a reasonably priced steak.

[via ESPN]