Times are hard for Marco Rubio. The republican Presidential hopeful has not been doing well in the polls, trailing significantly behind the behemoth that is the Donald. And now, to add insult to injury, Rubio’s finding it hard to even get a drink.

Where do you go for a drink in the middle of election season in New Hampshire? The hotel bar, of course. That was also where Christian Lorentzen, a reporter from the London Review of Books, was covering the state’s primary elections when he talked to a bartender who said that she had recently served Rubio, but hadn’t recognized him.


Now, if you’re on a Presidential ballot in a state that is holding a primary, you should hope that the people there recognize your face. If you can’t even get a free drink at the bar, you sure as hell aren’t going to win any elections.


To make matters exponentially more hilarious and embarrassing for Marco Rubio, the server not only drew a blank when she saw Rubio’s face, but said that he looked so young that she felt the need to card him. Sounds like there was probably some blushing on both sides of the bar after she read the name on the ID.

Rubio got his adult beverage, but there was no word on what he tipped. As we all know, how a person tips is the true test of their character and electability.

[via London Review of Books]