Serious question: What worthwhile goal have you accomplished this week? Probably nothing. Ditto for us. But that’s not the case forĀ Australian Nev Sharp, who ripped off the loudest burp ever recorded in world history. Total Frat Move breaks down the numbers behind the gargantuan belch:

[pullquote][Sharp] croaked out 110.6 decibels of hot, stanky air to break the previous world record of 109.9 decibels. To put things into perspective, 110 decibels is the average human pain threshold. Live rock music, a car horn from three feet away, and a riveting machine are all 110 decibels loud.[/pullquote]

Awesome. Now, if Sharp can match the ass-gas expulsion abilities of this hippo, he might also be able to claim the title for world’s loudest and longest fart.

[TFM via BroBible]