Trader Joe’s, the reigning champion of cheap eats, has nothing on the newest grocery store to open in London. Hell, even the dollar store has nothing on it. According to the Associated Press, Stelio Haji-Ioannnou, the founder of budget airline EasyJet, has also gotten into the budget grocery-store game. Called EasyFood, his grocery store is currently offering all of its food for just 36 cents each.

EasyFood carries no fresh produce, and instead offers packaged foods like canned sardines, soups, pasta, ravioli, and Jaffa Cakes. The Sun writes that EasyFood currently offers 76 unbranded products “in a very basic layout with cans and packets of food stacked on shelves,” which appears to be reminiscent of a food pantry.

In a month, the prices in the store, whose motto is “No expensive brands. Just food honestly priced,” will go up, but not drastically. AP reports that dozens of shoppers lined up outside of the store today in hopes of taking advantage of the prices. Haji-Ioannou says he opened the store as an effort to “fill a gap in the market.” It aims to serve incredibly low-priced food to the “unwaged and low-waged.”

Haji-Ioannou isn’t the first businessman to open a grocery store to help feel those with limited incomes. Last year, former Trader Joe’s president Doug Rauch launched a nonprofit grocery store in Boston called Daily Table. While the prices aren’t as cheap as EasyFood, Daily Table notably also offers fresh food including a variety of produce for incredibly low prices (a dozen eggs is jut $1.19). Rauch is currently working to raise funds to open more locations. 

[via AP]