Taco Bell tested its version of a “fried chicken taco” last September, creating a taco with a piece of fried chicken for the shell. But let’s be honest: that creation was far from a taco; there wasn’t even a tortilla.


KFC South Korea’s latest menu item, the Zinger Taco Double, fixes the mistakes made by Taco Bell. FFC has created a fast-food taco straight out a stoners’ wet dream: The Zinger Taco features a piece of fried chicken sandwiched between not one, but two taco shells (one hard and one soft). As Food Beast notes, you can purchase two Zinger Taco Doubles for 5,800 South Korean Won ($4.72 US). Not too shabby.

The Zinger Taco is one of many unconventional items the restaurant has released in recent times. In January of 2015, KFC released a Double Down Dog with a hot dog sandwiched between a piece of friend chicken in the Phillippines.

[via Food Beast]