Washington D.C. likes Chick-Fil-A…a lot. So much so that fans at last night’s Wizards-Pistons game cheered louder for a free chicken sandwich giveaway than they did when the final buzzer rang and the Wizards walked away with the win.

Fans in attendance at Wizards games are given a coupon for a free chicken sandwich when the opposing team misses two consecutive fourth quarter free throws. The Pistons missed their fourth-quarter free throws, and the crowd went nuts celebrating their free lunch.

But if you think that players are too focused or too far away to hear the noise from the stands, you’re wrong, as John Wall joked with reporters after the game about just how much the fans at the Verizon Center love their free chicken sandos.

We’re pretty sure he was joking. If not, Washington better look for some new fans, as Wall is definitely too good to trade.