Oversized jawbreakers are the pinnacle of hard candies. As kids, they were the white whale of sweets: pure sugar that would last for days on end and leave your tongue six shades of purple. To convince your parents to buy you this sugary monstrosity was a pretty big accomplishment. So what happens if you take this childhood favorite and douse it with molten hot copper? Youtube user Tito4re decided to find out.

Youtube is full of videos showing hot metals poured on to food, but none have captured our attention like the jawbreaker experiment. When the piping hot liquid metal hits the rock of pure sugar, it starts slowly taking off layers. The multi-colored specks that mark a traditional jawbreaker start sliding down the sides of the orb and the outer layers of white start to give way to the colorful interior.


Once the copper settles around the jawbreaker, a fire starts melting the candy down—but by the end of the fire, a baseball-sized mound of jawbreaker still remains. The man behind the camera then removes the jawbreaker, smashes it open with a hammer, and reveals an untouched center, which he takes a couple bites from.

It’s no wonder your parents didn’t want you eating that giant jawbreaker. Anything that indestructible is probably not meant for human consumption.

[via Youtube/Tito4re]