We all take comfort in having a routine. In fact, some suggest it might be essential to making the most out of each day. While most people have fallen into the routine of having a cup of coffee in the morning while reading the newspaper, or listening to the radio after a long day at work, an Instagram user who goes by the name of Alec Rounds has a slightly different routine than the rest of us.

Rounds documents every trip he makes to In-N-Out on his Instagram page @innoutrounds. So far, he has taken 155 selfies with a similar pose and a similar meal. He’s really living up to that Wiz Khalifa quote at the top of his page: “I ain’t addicted, I’m committed.”

Here’s Rounds starting off his 2016 right with a trip to In-N-Out:

Sometimes his trips to In-N-Out get exciting. Like the time Rounds waited out a tornado warning taking shelter at his nearby In-N-Out:

Or the time Rounds’ In-N-Out bag made for the perfect holiday decor:

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But before you go bagging on this guy for eating a large amount fast-food, remember In-N-Out has some healthy options too. A lettuce-wrapped burger is pretty healthy, right?

Sometimes he changes it up a bit, opting for a shake instead of fries.

His commitment is incredible. While on a hockey trip in the Midwest, Rounds only posted throwback thursday photos because, as we all know, there isn’t In-N-Out in the Midwest. We’re not talking just one or two #TBTs either. He posted over ten photos while he was gone.

Rounds’ love for the burger chain only rivals the Chipotle champs that ate Chipotle for over 100 days in a row.

It’s just a matter of time before Rounds gets bombarded with fans or wannabes taking similar photos.

Regardless, Rounds has really made this into a lifestyle. He travels around taking photos in locations from Texas to California.

If you want to see more, you can head over to Rounds’ Instagram page.

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