An Australian couple got a little more protein than they bargained for when they bought a bag of pre-mixed salad greens that was also home to a giant, and still very much alive, huntsman spider.

The video above, which will no doubt make you go to your fridge and rinse every vegetable product you own, was posted on Thursday by James Perry, an Australian who had previously bought the store-brand bag of mixed greens at Woolworths, a local grocery chain.

As Foodbeast┬áreports, the bag of greens has a sell by date of February 7th, so at least the spider had some fresh greens to munch on before being found out. The bag also specifies that the greens inside are “washed and ready to use,” which would probably be convenient, if that didn’t mean serving a citrus salad with a side of spider.

Perry’s creepy crawly discovery only added insult to injury for Woolworths, who had to recall their prepackaged salad greens the same day Perry found the spider, due to a salmonella contamination.

Perry and his partner presumably did not eat the greens, but no word on what happened to the spider.

All we’re saying is, someone should probably test that spider and make sure it doesn’t have salmonella.

[via Foodbeast]