Andrew Willson, a 48-year-old high school drama teacher in Northampton, UK, was put in prison for 20 months and given 10 years on the sex offenders’ register after he pleaded guilty to five counts of indecent assault, according to Lancashire Police. The assault occurred in the mid-90s, when his victim—who was also his student—was between 14 and 15 years old.

According to the Mirror UK, Willson had the girl pulled out of a science class so she could have sex with him. Prosecutor Emma Kehoe tells The Mirror, “The two of them had Nutella and licked it from their naked bodies. Mr. Willson was very keen that she got home to catch the school bus though because her parents knew nothing of what was going on.” Detective Mick Smith elaborates on Willson’s horrifying actions to the Lancashire Constabulary,

“Willson abused his position of trust as a teacher and groomed his victim before taking advantage of her while she was a pupil at the school. Up until his arrest in December 2014 he taught at various schools in the Northampton area.

The victim has shown enormous courage in coming forward and reporting these offences to us and I hope today’s result brings her some form of closure and enables her to move forward with her life. I also hope the outcome of this case will encourage other victims to come forward and report crimes to the police safe in the knowledge that we are determined to bring those who commit sexual offences to justice, regardless of when they took place.”

Recently, the artist Kesha came out saying her former producer, Dr. Luke, emotionally, physically, and sexually abused her during their work relationship. She’s been receiving constant support from fans and fellow celebrities throughout her legal battles with Dr. Luke.

As Detective Smith stated, women coming forward and reporting incidents of abuse is essential, in that it encourages other abuse victims to come forward and report crimes to police.

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