This Sunday, thousands of people will gather to watch the Denver Broncos and the Carolina Panthers go head-to-head for the Super Bowl trophy. But if football isn’t your thing, there are always hilarious, tear-jerking, and adorable commercials to watch during the breaks.

Heinz recently released an inside look at its latest “Meet the Ketchups” campaign, where the brand promotes all the members in the Heinz ketchup family. But it isn’t the handful of actors dressed up as giant ketchup bottles that is cause for celebration—oh no. The commercial shows hundreds of adorable wiener dogs—dressed up as hot dogs—running towards humans dressed up as ketchup. 


The commercial is peak cuteness overload. According to Mashable, the commercial is an extended cut of what will air Sunday during the third quarter of the game. The thirty-second version can be viewed below, in case you can’t get enough of these wieners.

We have a feeling these little guys will be just as talked about as the left shark from last year’s Super Bowl halftime show.


[via Mashable]