Leonardo DiCaprio finally gold his hands on one of those little gold statues last night, but the real winner of this year’s Oscars was Chris Rock’s daughters’ Girl Scout troop. In an ultimate dad moment, Rock use his position as Oscar’s host to get the (undoubtably starving) millionaire celebrity audience to fork over cash to give his girls an edge over the competition this year. While the cookies cost around $8 a box, none of the audience members appeared to be carrying bills smaller than $100, which lead to Rock’s daughters raking in a cool $65,243 dollars.

Fortune writes that while Rock did have to guilt trip a few celebrities into buying cookies (“Alright, Tina Fey, get that money, girl. Charlize Theron, yes. Matt Damon, yes. Leo, you made $30 million—come on!”), a number of stars got in on the cookie action without any coaxing. Singer John Legend leapt out of his seat to grab a few boxes for his pregnant wife (and cookbook author) Chrissy Teigen, Mindy Kaling went HAM on some Samoas, and Kate Winslet picked up a pack of Tagalongs. Even Vice President Joe Biden threw a $20 Rock’s way. Matt Damon did eventually buy a box of Thin Mints which he adorably shared with Christian Bale who was sitting across the aisle from him.


This isn’t the first time a major food stunt has gone down at the award show. Two years ago, host Ellen DeGeneres ordered pizza for delivery to the ceremony for all the starving A-listers sitting in audience. While Brad Pitt, Kerry Washington, Julia Roberts, and Jared Leto all got in on the pizza action, cookies handed out by charming Girl Scout Troops is definitely way more adorable than slices of pizza from a delivery dude.

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