Every protester has a different way of making a statement. Some prefer to picket outside shops to convince consumers to buy their goods elsewhere; others opt to dress up like animals hoping to sway meat-eaters to go vegan.

One Texas State student is trying to bring awareness to societal issues with the help a pretty risqué art piece, and students are taking notice. According to USA Today College, Monika Rostvold was caught laying on a table outside on Tuesday covered in Chick-Fil-A. Her goal? To “promote awareness of the negative effects of dating and hooking up.”

She tells USA Today College,

[pullquote]“I decided to relate (the piece) to food (to compare) the satisfaction we get with food to the satisfaction we get with hooking up. [The culture is] very satisfying, but is it healthy? Is it really what we want? That’s what I’m asking the audience. I know fast food and the body is hard to connect, but to me it just made sense.”[/pullquote]

Spectators snapped photos to post on social media and even ate off of Rostvold. Which brings up the issue of not asking for consent during a hook-up, if you think about it.

Some even thought she was intoxicated.

Turns out, this isn’t the first time Rostvold has pulled a stunt like this in the name of art. Last year, she parked herself in front of the library dressed in pasties and a nude thong to “bring awareness to sexual assault,” according to USA Today.

Regardless, those waffle fries from Tuesday must have left a nasty tan line.

[via USA Today]