The retail-restaurant hybrid has been one of the most enduring trends of the past couple years, spawning all sorts of creative mashups of food and commerce. First there was Daps Feltman Mart, a hybrid shop that combined a streetwear boutique and all-American burger joint in one seamless package. Then, last summer, a KITH sneaker boutique-cereal bar opened up in Brooklyn. Turns out that wasn’t the end of sneaker shops taking it upon themselves to serve grub as well as kicks.

Butter, opening today in the Surry Hills neighborhood of Sydney, is a “fancier-than-average sneaker store” that also sells fried chicken drizzled in hot sauce, soft-serve ice cream, tofu nuggets, sparkling wine, Champagne (think Dom Pérignon), boozy slushies, and PBR. Sounds like Butter took a page out of the high-low restaurant handbook of Birds & Bubbles in NYC.



Australian online magazine Broadsheet reports that the juicy fried bird comes either in a shoebox or as a chicken sandwich, and it can be made at four different heat levels: naked, OG, fire, or hot AF.

But don’t think you can just stroll into this sneaker-head paradise and buy whatever your heart desires; you must make an appointment to buy the store’s collectible sneaks. Thankfully, the chicken is available to anyone and everyone.


[via Broadsheet]