The Super Bowl is crazy expensive. Ticket prices this year have reached a new high, with an average cost of more than $4,500, and then there’s airfare, hotels, the parties, parking, and more. For fans who’ve already dedicated the thousands of dollars though, an extra $12 at the concession stand will make it all feel worth it. Levi’s Stadium, host to Super Bowl 50, will be serving a specialty hot dog topped with real gold flakes.

According to Mashable, the limited edition dog will feature 50 unique ingredients, and be topped with sautéed red peppers and Slick Rick’s favorite jewelry. The dog is the brainchild of chefs Santana Diaz and Dinari Brown, who came up with the eye-catching dog to celebrate the Super Bowl’s 50th anniversary, and what better way to top of a specialty dog in the home of the gold rush than, well, gold.

The sausage will only be sold during the game and only inside of the stadium, where a regular hot dog probably goes for around $8, making the $12 price tag seem slightly less ludicrous. In fact, the golden dog wouldn’t even have made our list of America’s most expensive hot dogs, which also features some ultra-luxe stadium sausages, like the Texas Rangers’ ‘Boomstick’ dog that has no gold on it, but will run you $26.

And let’s be honest: If you’re already in the stands at the Super Bowl, $12 won’t break the bank, and eating a gold hot dog is just one more thing you can add to the bragging we know you’ll be doing once you get back to your home state.

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