It’s a tough decision to make when it’s early in the morning—bagel or doughnut? Now, it looks like New York’s the Doughnut Project has both your sweet and savory needs covered. Meet the Everything Doughnut, featuring a cream cheese glaze decorated with traditional bagel toppings, including sesame and poppy seeds, garlic, and sea salt.

The breakfast masterpiece, which made its official debut today after a round of taste-testing, was inspired by creator Troy Neal’s love for the salty, textural complexity of an everything bagel. It’s a bit premature to say whether it has Cronut potential, but we certainly like the idea of bridging these two a.m. staples.

The Doughnut Project’s Everything Bagel is just one of the many ambitious spherical breakfast foods currently on the market in New York. Recently, the Bagel Store’s rainbow bagel has experienced a surge in popularity, while Manila Social Club’s hundred dollar Golden Cristal Doughnut caught the attention of food fiends with its ube base and gold leaf decoration. What a time.