As far as restaurant crimes go, this one is pretty special: According to The Local, a tapas bar in Cadiz, Spain was robbed last week. The criminals forced the door open, stole the cash from the till along with a television, and made off with the most prized item in the restaurant: the seven legs of ibérico ham hanging above the bar.

While this theft sounds like a devastating blow to the restaurant, the crime quickly took a turn for the hilarious. While owner Domingo Infante was on the phone with the authorities, his wife and mother-in-law noticed a “trail of fat on the road outside” and followed it to nearby house where the trail ended. The family then called the cops again, alerting them of the suspect.

When officers entered the rental house where the suspect lived with his parents, they found two of the seven legs of ham inside, alongside the empty till and the television. Police are still on the hunt for the other five haunches. All in all, each leg was worth around $130 dolllars, so Infante is still down about $650 in salty, cured meat. But Infante is taking the situation in stride. He tells the paper, “We didn’t know whether to laugh or cry yesterday. It’s like something out of a silly film.”

Meat has surprisingly become the item of choice for thieves to steal. In December, a bold criminal stole 40,000 pounds of beef from a factory in central Pennsylvania. It’s unclear what the thief was going to do with enough meat to make 160,000 burgers, but throwing a state-wide cookout might be a good place to start.

[via The Local]