Kevin Dougherty, 22, was pulled over by a cop for suspected drunk driving at 3:21am on a Saturday night in Hackettstown, NJ. As expected, the cop found that Dougherty was drunk—but he also found that Dougherty was pantless and shoeless, chilling in a car ridden with empty cans of Twisted Tea, boxes of wine, and a bag of wine at his feet.

Dougherty clearly made the officer’s job easy, reeking of alcohol and showing clear signs of intoxication.  The officer probably didn’t even need to bother testing Dougherty with a breathalyzer. The proof was in the bags and bottles of alcohol scattered throughout the guy’s car, not to mention his breath. According to Lehigh Valley Live, Dougherty faces charges for drinking alcohol whilst driving, failing to maintain a lane, and DWI charges.

If this doesn’t look like rock bottom, we’re not sure what does.


[via Lehigh Valley Live]

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