When it comes to hip-hop’s weed-smoking elder statesmen, we’re seeing a trend emerge among our Stoner Snack series: After years of being on the road, rappers are trying to lay off the sweets and convenience-store treats. Whether they succeed in doing that is debatable, but the shift has become even more evident in speaking with legendary Texas rapper and vaunted stoner emcee, Devin The Dude.

“Around thirty-ish, you wake up and your body starts feeling a lot different,” says Devin over the phone while, coincidentally, strolling aisles of a Houston grocery store. “You gotta be careful about what you’re putting into your body. I recently stopped smoking cigarettes, but I drink a little beer now and then. As you get older you cut down on a lot of things. You want to watch your kids grow.”

While Devin admits the first munchies he ever had was a Twix bar*, his tastes have broadened. “I really want to eat at a soul food place, like Yo Mama’s in Houston” he says. “I mean, I go all in now. [After smoking] when I’m drinking a beer, sweets don’t sit right with it.”

But to be fair, he hasn’t abandoned all sugar-bombs. When our conversation turned to oatmeal cream pies, he was strolling through the snack-food aisle when he spotted a box. “Man, you know what? I think I’m going to pick up a box because of this conversation,” he says. “Can’t turn down a classic.”

From the Little Debbie staple, to his favorite regional burger chain, Devin breaks down which stoner snacks you should and shouldn’t pick up. The question remains the same: Cop or nah? 

* – This follows the first time Devin got high, which occurred after his friend Bomber challenged him to a race to prove to Devin that weed does not make you literally slow (Devin thought it did). He lost to Bomber, even though Bomber ran while he held a joint in his hand. “When I got to the finish line I told him to pass that motherfucker to me,” Devin says.

Flamin’ Hot Cheetos


FWF: So I saw a tweet of yours asking your fans about their favorite munchies, and you admitted to someone that you didn’t know what Flamin’ Hot Cheetos were. What’s your opinion of them now?

Devin says: “I can’t eat them. It’s a different kind of hot—they’re more like a sour, salty hot. The regular Cheetos I can eat. But [Flamin’ Hot Cheetos] leave a lot of stains on your teeth, making you look like a fifth grader.” (Photo: ewg.org)

Verdict: Nah

Roscoe’s House of Chicken n’ Waffles

Devin says: I think Roscoe’s is good. I don’t remember a time I’ve been to L.A. without going to Roscoe’s. I give Roscoe’s a 8 out of 10. It’s really good for L.A.” (Photo: Yelp/Candy R.)

Verdict: Cop


Devin says: “I love Whataburger! That’s the only place I miss when I leave Texas. Better than their burgers, I love their breakfast. Their fluffy eggs, bacon, sausage and everything just tastes real. Here’s how I’ll explain it: You can put Whataburger on the dresser and come back and it STILL tastes good. You can’t do that with McDonald’s. It’ll be hard as shit in thirty minutes.” (Photo: whataburger.com)

Verdict: Cop


Devin says: “It’s a Louisiana upscale restaurant. It’s a bit pricey, but the food is wonderful and the atmosphere is really cool. They have Sunday buffet and not too many kids. They have a bar on the other side away from the family scenery. It’s like the Roscoe’s of Houston. I really like their fried alligator.(Photo: Facebook/Pappadeaux Seafood Kitchen)

Verdict: Cop

McDonald’s Milkshake


Devin says: Bubble guts. It’ll make you shit yourself.” (Photo: mcdonalds.co.uk)

Verdict: Nah

Little Debbie Oatmeal Creme Pies

Devin says: “Come on, man, that’s the favorite since you was a kid. I love them, especially in the morning with some coffee.” (Photo: walmart.com)

Verdict: Cop

McDonald’s McGriddle


FWF: So I was listening to your lyrics to “We Get High” and you said, “I’m kinda high right now, so I’ll just go and hit a McGriddle.” Does that mean you’re pro-McGriddle?
Devin: McGriddle? On “We Get High”? [Laughs] No, no: “I’m kinda high right now, so I’ll just go and hit ’em with riddles.
FWF: Oh wow, I’m embarrassed now [Laughs]. Well, maybe you can insert the McGriddle line at a future concert to see if anyone notices.
Devin: [Laughs] I’ve heard a lot of words used, man. But that would be pretty cool.
FWF: So are you pro-McGriddle?
Devin: Yes! (Photo: mcdonalds.com)

Verdict: Cop

Slim Jim


Devin says: I used to, but not now. I’ll have to say no.” (Photo: conagrafoods.com)

Verdict: Nah