When you imagine a team prepping for the Super Bowl, a.k.a professional football’s biggest event of the year, you probably conjure up images of salads, protein shakes, chicken breast, and Gatorade. Not in the case of the Denver Broncos, who will be facing off against the Carolina Panthers this Sunday in the big game. According to the New York Daily News, the team decided to kick off the week leading up to the Super Bowl with a little pre-flight snack of chicken parmesan. Yes, the breaded, fried, and cheese-covered Italian classic.

Mike Bonner, the Broncos’ senior director of event presentation and production, tweeted out an image of the team’s meal options before boarding the flight to San Francisco. It’s fitting considering that the team’s star quarterback, Peyton Manning, is famous for his Nationwide Insurance commercials where he sings “Chicken parm you taste so good” to the tune of the company’s jingle. The in-flight meal options are also pretty incredible and include dishes like steak and chicken fajitas.

Panthers’ quarterback Cam Newton, on the other hand, appears to have soul food on his brain. Late last month at a press conference when talking about his team’s season, Newton dropping some tasty analogies. He described the season as a “process” and compared it to cooking grits versus cooking collard greens: “It’s going to be a process like long-cooked collard greens. I think those collard greens are brewing right now, you can smell them from a mile away.” So who will win this Sunday, chicken parm or collard greens?

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