For some, Valentine’s Day is all about dinner reservations, flowers, scrambling to find gifts, and a romantic night with their significant other. For others though, Valentine’s Day is about discount chocolate on the 15th, pizza delivery for one, and now, a specialty Blizzard to cry into.

Earlier this month, Dairy Queen announced on Facebook that its Valentine’s Day menu would be taking the pink-filled holiday in a slightly different direction.

The singles Blizzard will be filled with enough cocoa fudge, peanut butter cups, peanut butter, and salted-caramel truffles to forget that you don’t have a bae to spend the day with, and hey, at least you don’t have to split it.

If you do have a partner but can’t justify the hundreds of dollars you’d be spending at a fine-dining restaurant on V-Day, KFC has you covered. According to Mashable, Colonel Sanders and the gang will be serving white table-cloth meals at select locations in the U.K., with silver flatware, candlelight, and a personal soft-drink sommelier to help you choose between Pepsi and Cherry Pepsi.

If you’re lonely and stuck on the East Coast in -10 degree temperatures though, there’s always our #sadboyz guide to eating chocolate by yourself. Being single isn’t that bad, as long as there is chocolate.

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