Cracker Barrel, the purveyor of rocking chairs, pancakes, and American nostalgia, is opening a brand new restaurant concept. Gone are the plates of green bean casserole and country-fried steak; instead, the new concept, according to WBIR, will be focused on biscuits. Inexplicably named Holler & Dash, it will be a trendy new fast-casual restaurant.

While few details are known about the menu and expansion plans, the chain tells The Tennessean in a statement that Holler & Dash will first set up shop in Homewood, Alabama this Spring. There, the restaurant will serve “good, Southern food” with an unknown “twist,” as part of a menu developed by Southern chefs Brandon Frohne and Jason McConnell, both of whom have cooked at the James Beard House in New York City. The statement also reveals the concept’s cheesy, rhyming mission statement of “bring flare to Southern fare.”

There is no reason given as to why Cracker Barrel is launching a new concept. Perhaps this is Cracker Barrel’s latest attempt to capture some of those sweet, sweet millennial dollars and appeal to a crowd that is perhaps less interested in early bird meatloaf dinner specials. One thing is for sure, Holler & Dash won’t feature Cracker Barrel’s signature country store where customers can buy kitschy old-timey candy and exclusive gospel albums from famous country bands.

[via WBIR]